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Virtual Trainings

The Marvis Center offers Virtual Training Workshops on a variety of topics! Contact us to learn about special agency pricing for some of our upcoming trainings. Gather the team & learn together for one affordable price!

Upcoming Trainings:
2-Part Customer Service Series

Service Teams are in a unique position to cross-sell or up-sell services, so sales training for your Service Team is a must!

What's Covered:

- Capitalizing on every connection with the customer
- Enhancing your teams’ sales skills
- Handling pushback from customers to get to yes
- Raising the stakes in customers’ buying decisions
- Create emotional connections with your customers



Service 222.png

March 14th & 15th

Tuesday & Wednesday

2:30pm-5pm EST

Trainings To Be Scheduled:
4-Part Sales Training Series

• Strengthening Your Auto Conversations
• Presenting Compelling Reasons to Buy
• Writing Life or Health along with Auto (even if Auto is not Competitive or Eligible)
• Increasing Closing Ratios
• Overcoming Objections
• Getting more Prospects and Customers to Say “Yes”
• Making your Conversation Natural

And much MORE!

Live Session: Writing 70 Life Apps in 70 Days!

What You Get When Your Agency Attends:
• Live, virtual experience with Ann M. Cohan and Tom Hegna, where you will get their expert insights on how to sell bigger life cases
• Interactive sessions to strengthen tools and strategies to get bigger results
• New Insurance industry secrets where Ann and Tom share getting next-level results

What you do:
• Learn how to have better life insurance conversations and meetings
• Learn how to overcome any life insurance objections
• Learn how to uncover more life insurance sales opportunities

2 For The Price Of 1: Power Hour!
Topics Covered:

In the first POWER HOUR, we are providing the audience with hard-hitting approaches that keep people's attention when calling new opportunities or working marketing opportunities from your book of business.

In the FREE Bonus Hour, help team members that are challenged with "why did my rate go up." They'll learn how to diffuse the customers, educate them on why the rates have changed, and discourage them from canceling.

Power Hour: The Premium is Not the Problem!

"The premium is not the problem; it’s the solution in protecting your customers against loss!"

Let’s discuss how powerful this phrase is in getting customers to realize the more invested, the more they are

What's covered:

  • The power of this phrase

  • Presenting this phrase during the initial conversation with a prospect, to gear discussion away from price

  • Handling objections when the price is perceived too high

And, MORE!

2-Part Customer Service Training


In this 2-Part Customer Service Training Series, we focus on pivoting to products, navigating challenging conversations with customers, utilizing The Provisional Conversation™ to schedule Life and Health appointments for others, and so much more!

What Participants Say About the Virtual Service Training Series


“Ann was very engaging through the whole training, didn't lose interest at all. Very detailed, not only did she let us know what to do and say, but why and doing something over and over without knowing why you're doing it doesn't help.”


“Although the training was not in person, it was still very interactive and informative. We were able to utilize the word tracks between the sessions, and I still continue to incorporate her training every day!”


“My favorite part of the Virtual Training was the content and the energy. I loved that even though we were meeting virtually, I still feel like I was able to engage and learn as if I was sitting in a classroom.”

Key Topics Covered:
  • Pivoting to other products when servicing customers!

  • Handling pushback during conversations!

  • Scheduling appointments with customers!

  • Utilizing The Provisional Conversation™ & P.A.L.!

  • Getting referrals!

  • And so much more!

bounce back.png
90-Min. Virtual "Crushing Comebacks" Training
This 90-Minute Session will help Team Members bounce back with powerful one-liners to keep the conversation going when presented with objections such as:
  • “I am happy with my current company.”
  • “Just email me the quote.”
  • “I need to talk to my spouse.”
  • “I have that coverage through work.”
  • “That's too expensive.”
  • “I have enough insurance right now.”
  • “I just want the cheapest rate.”
  • “I'm in a meeting - can you call me back?”
  • And so much more!
Grab Attention.png
60-Minute Virtual
“Grabbing Prospects Attention when they Don’t want to be Grabbed”

Getting them Hooked at “Hello!”
Tom & Ann Pic.JPG
3-Part "Writing 70 Life Apps in 70 Days" Virtually!
featuring Tom Hegna


The Marvis Center has partnered with Tom Hegna to offer a 3-Part Virtual Life Insurance Training Series that will provide participants with additional skills, tools, best practices, and approaches to maximize the Agency's Life Insurance sales!


What Participants Say About the Virtual "Writing 70 Life Apps in 70 Days" Training Series


“This was one of the best classes I have ever taken. This was my second class with Ann and I just connect and learn from her on a deeper level than other coaches I have worked with. I am already better at having life insurance conversations and writing life policies. I have been having deeper and more meaningful conversations about life insurance because of this class. Tom's passion was great and he is so inspiring!”


“What I liked best was the immediate answers to our questions from the weekly presentations as well as the material; most especially the rebuttals and how to apply them. Incredible material!”


“The energy was contagious. There was a lot of great real time applicable information and techniques to use.”

2-Part Train-the-Trainer Virtual Series


Making Team Meetings and Training Sessions Really Work! This new series will provide participants with the tools and skills to have the most productive team meetings and training sessions. 

2-Part Virtual Training on Closing & Handling Objections - "Getting to Yes"
Package Lessons Include:
  • Getting Customers & Prospects to say “Yes!”

  • Tips in getting to “Yes!”

  • Why people tend to say “NO!”

  • Overcoming Common Pushbacks/Objections!

  • Closing Techniques!

  • Increase your Closing Ratios!

  • Game Plan to get more Yeses!

activity tracking.png
Virtual Training on Activity: The Law of Large Numbers
Lessons Include:
  • Benefits of Managing your Activity

  • Lead Activity Indicators to Ensure Production

  • Accountability: Inspecting your Numbers

  • Managing Shortfalls: Detecting the Smoke before the Fire

  • Winning the “Law of Large Numbers” Game

Referral Marketing Graphic - FLIPPED.png
Getting Referrals: Moving to a Referral-Based Business
Key Topics Covered:
  • Why “bother” getting Referrals?

  • When and How to Ask to Ensure Success

  • Getting Referrals from Non-Sold Business

  • Handling Referral Objections

  • And much more!

4-Part Virtual Coaching the Coach Training
  • Inspiring team members to peak performance!

  • Finding the right talent!

  • Supervising team members when you’re not the Agent!

  • Inspecting what’s expected – without smothering!

  • Keeping the fire lit day-in and day-out!

  • Addressing performance problems!

  • And, so much more!

Includes an Agent Panel with over 15 Top Trophy, Lifetime Presidents Club, Chairman's Circle Agents in the Company to provide you with their BEST PRACTICES!

What Participants Say About the Virtual Agent & Manager Training Series


“The virtual training is convenient and very engaging. The information is broken down into segments that are easy to follow along and retain. Definitely worth the investment!”


“In this course I was not only able to identify procedures I needed to improve on but more importantly the psychological aspect on the different ways to lead team members when they themselves are not sure to express to leadership what they need. After this course, I've gained the tools needed not only to identify the areas that need help, but also to help those team members with solutions that allow them to discover it.”


“Great information on how to drive results on your team and be a better leader. Very interactive! Ann always has the best solutions and ideas. LOVE HER!”

Open Coaching: Ask Coach Ann!
  • How to keep production consistent

  • How to juggle service and sales roles

  • How to max the bonus plan

  • How to get customers or prospects to say YES more often

  • How to keep motivated if I’m having a “slower month”

  • How to increase closing ratios

  • And more!

We are excited to be offering my NEWEST Coaching, appropriately titled "Open Coaching: Ask Coach Ann"! This is the ideal session to finally tackle whatever challenge your team is struggling with to keep their momentum and enthusiasm going!
30-Min Crash Course

Tom Hegna & I want to gift you this valuable information from our “Writing 70 Life Apps in 70 Days”. The video covers many strategies to maximize productivity in your agency. Please utilize this resource at no charge!


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