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The Marvis Center’s Performance Tracker   provides you with a system to inspect the lead indicators (activities) that ensure optimal production and results from your sales and service teams. To ensure sales goals are not only met, but exceeded, we have spent over 12 years defining a just-in-time tool that will provide you with a one-stop accountability, based on your Agency’s goals, budgets and focus.


Since using The Marvis Center Performance Tracker  , Agents have found increases in production, and, in some cases, Agencies have doubled sales production.


Primary reasons why Agencies use the Performance Tracker:
  • Maintains accountability with your team

  • Works as a coaching tool to discuss production and results

  • Forecasts written production for the month

  • Creates just-in-time sales results to complement the Company’s sales reports

  • Inspects what’s expected of team members regarding activities to accomplish sales and service results

  • Helps to understand where the business is coming from based on their marketing efforts and dollars spent

  • Keeps track of bonus earnings per person

  • Captures all the key activities sales and support team members complete, daily, weekly, and monthly






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