We currently offer an array of tools to help propel your Agency from Awesome to OUTRAGEOUS!

Activity Tracker


Activity is what drives AP-TIVITY! Keeping track of the lead indicators (quotes)
that ensure that sales are made is the lynchpin in having consistently,
high production. The Marvis Center Activity Tracker  provides the team
members with a tool that keeps them focused on what activities they need to
be completing daily, weekly, and monthly to have a stellar month. The
tool also provides data on how well they are doing in relation to their
activities (quotes). This Activity Tracker   is designed also for Managers
in helping to coach their team members to outstanding results.




DiSC® Classic 2.0 

Clients use this original and most reliable DiSC® instrument for:

  • Team Building

  • Hiring & Recruiting

  • Conflict Resolution

Performance Tracker


This tracking tool encompasses tracking activities, closing ratios, sources of where the business is coming from, quotes, and sales. This accountability tool has helped Agencies catapult production.



These lessons are designed as stand-alone training
modules or meetings to help further build your team members’ skills in key aspects of their job. The lessons include facilitator guides and handouts for participants.


Coming 2018!




We have developed assessments for team members and managers to determine
strengths and areas of weaknesses to help determine training needs and
coaching support needed to build team members’ competence, confidence and
motivation in doing key aspects of their job.