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Activity is what drives AP-TIVITY! Keeping track of the lead indicators (quotes)that ensure that sales are made is the lynchpin in having consistently, high production. The Marvis Center Activity Tracker   provides the team members with a tool that keeps them focused on what activities they need to be completing daily, weekly, and monthly to have a stellar month. The tool also provides data on how well they are doing in relation to their activities (quotes). This Activity Tracker   is designed also for Managers in helping to coach their team members to outstanding results..


Primary reasons why Agencies use the Activity Tracker:
  • Maintains accountability with your team

  • Works as a coaching tool to discuss production and results

  • Forecasts written production for the month

  • Creates just-in-time sales results to compliment the Company’s sales reports

  • Inspects what’s expected of team members regarding activities to accomplish sales and service results

  • Keeps track of bonus earnings per person

  • Captures all the key activities sales and support team members complete, daily, weekly, and monthly





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